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Our story

Since 2008

Rad Dad llc was founded in 2008 in Serbia. As a catering business, during the first few years of existence we ran the kitchen of the Diplomatic Club, a famous restaurant in Belgrade. In 2009 we signed a contract with the United States Embassy in Belgrade. We were their main caterer for the next three years. On average we would serve from 500 to 1000 meals every single day! Towards the end of 2011, the business started owning a restaurant at a golf course in Zabalj, Serbia. Here we hosted many weddings, birthdays, company celebrations etc...

In 2014 circumstances led to our family moving to Denver, Colorado. While wanting to continue the catering business, we found it smartest to start with a kiosk in downtown. This is the birth of Brezel! Once Brezel was established, and many customers loved the product, we got a chance for expansion into the catering world. Currently, the catering side is the main pursuit of our business! We hope you will stop by our kiosk and try out our delicious products, or contact for any catering needs you might have!


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